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Man Arrested For Writing Complaint Letters to Town

June 11, 2009

I’ve often heard good things from people who’ve taken the time to write a complaint letter to a private company about its goods and services. Companies often, but not always, like this kind of feedback. Governments, not so much. Evidently a man in Pennsylvania was arrested for writing a town too frequently to complain about its services.  From a Pittsburgh news channel

Pappert lives across Union Street from a Bridgeville concrete plant. The dust, the noise, the idling diesel trucks all combined to cause him to complain to the borough. He wrote letter after letter — hundreds of them — and he left voice mail messages for the borough manager. In one message, Pappert said, “I’m asking you as a Bridgeville resident of 56 years to resign and get off of your position. Do the right thing.”

Instead, Pappert got arrested on a harassment charge and was convicted.

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  1. A.B. permalink
    June 12, 2009 3:37 pm

    There was a similar case recently in Belgium, the man got one year of jail time.
    He “harassed” City Hall by sending 200 email over a period of 5 years, about 3 a month.

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