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Seasteading Conference & Ephemerisle

August 17, 2009

Interested in how to Let A Thousand Nations Bloom?  Come to the Second Annual Seasteading Conference in San Francisco, CA, Sep. 28th – 30th!

Speakers of particular interest to our readers include:

See the conference webpage for more speakers and information.

If you’re interested in immediate action as well as talk about the future, consider attending our first ever Ephemerisle festival of politics, community, and art.  Ephemerisle will be held Octover 2-4, 2009, on the water in the Sacramento River Delta region east of the SF Bay Area.  TSI will provide a central platform, and residents will bring boats, inflatable islands, and crazy home-built structures.

Ephemerisle is one of the parallel legs in our seasteading strategy – letting one Temporary Autonomous Zone bloom in a river is a step on the way towards more permanence and autonomy.

Please help spread the word for these awesome events by linking to this post on your blogs, forums, facebooks, twitters, etc.  And don’t hesitate to personally invite anyone you think would enjoy and add to the experience!

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