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Russians to Build Floating Nuclear Plant to Aid Arctic Oil Drilling

September 23, 2010

This takes the Seasteading Sink or Swim contest to a whole new level. The BBC is reporting that the Rooskies are building floating nuclear power plants that will be able to provide enough electricity and warm water for 45,000 people. According to the story, these eight monolithic nuclear flotillas will be able to stay at sea for up to twelve years while they drill for oil near the North Pole. Watch the video here or read more at the BBC.

Courtesy of BBC

Claims to sovereignty over the Arctic and its oil are hotly contested, with Russia, Canada, the U.S., Denmark, Norway, Finland and–am I missing anyone?–all tip toeing around each other. (Here’s a 2007 NYT op ed on the subject. Old Marginal Revolution here.) Two interesting facts:

Hat tip Alexis Madrigal.


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