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Quebecois Pitch Sovereignty to U.S. Cognitive Elite

October 16, 2010

The Montreal Gazette says the small D.C. audience was skeptical:

In a prepared speech to an audience of a few dozen people from a pair of influential U.S. public-policy think-tanks, [Bloc Quebecois leader] Duceppe predicted the defeat of the pro-Canada government of Liberal Premier Jean Charest, opening the door for a Pauline Marois-led Parti Quebecois regime with a “core objective” of separating from Canada.

“One thing is certain: Our relationship with the U.S. would be the focal point of a sovereign Quebec’s foreign policy,” Duceppe said at the event co-hosted by the Canadian Institute of the U.S.-government-funded Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Hudson Institute.

Here’s the wiki on Bloc Quebecuois. Duceppe is a fairly straightforward social democrat. (A lefty secessionist!) One telling detail:
Duceppe’s founding experience affecting his views on social justice occurred at the age of 12. He tells a story of an anglophone Grade 6 teacher slapping him after he complained about preferential treatment being given to anglophone students.[2] Duceppe said that he slapped the teacher back. Duceppe became a sovereigntist at the age of 20…


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