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Wanted: Advisors for Innovative Legal System

January 20, 2012

As you may have read here or elsewhere, I’m CEO of a startup called Future Cities Development, whose mission is to establish innovative new cities that provide choice, prosperity and greater quality of life.  We work in partnership with host countries that want to create economic opportunity for their people, and you’ll be hearing lots more about us later this year as our first development progresses.

A key part of our approach (articulated well by the Free Cities Institute) is to work with the host country to carve out areas of law previously handled nationally, to instead be defined at the city level.  This gives citizens greater choice in jurisdictions without leaving their country, and enables competition between cities to attract residents and businesses.  So part of our core value offering is to develop a world-class legal system based on historical study and best practices around the world, which can operate inside the constitutional limits and existing legal environment of the host country.

We are working to develop this system, and so we’re beginning to form a board of advisors for it.  If you know someone with time & expertise in this area, please pass this along.  If you’re interested, you need to know:

  1. We’re looking for people with relevant professional expertise or very strong, long-term interest in this area.
  2. You will have to sign an NDA.
  3. We are not currently compensating advisors, although it is a possibility for the future.
  4. We aren’t expecting very many hours, and will be flexible.
  5. The initial relationship will be informal; after a trial period with demonstrated contribution, we’re open to being listed on your resume or linkedin.
  6. Most importantly: You’ll be contributing to fascinating work that is a key enabler of increasing competition in governance and radically improving one of the most foundational, yet non-innovative, areas of human life.

If you’re interested, please email with:

  1. CV, resume, LinkedIn, or short summary of qualifications.
  2. The most relevant piece you’ve written (link or attachment to article, blog post, book, paper, etc.)
  3. 100 words or less on what you see as the greatest challenge in practice to designing a legal system in this context.

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