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Peaceful Scottish Secession?

June 5, 2012

The European Union’s tectonics are difficult to predict, messy, and possibly nasty. This year may usher in a United States of Europe bound together in a fiscal union, or the whole continent may fly apart as fast as they can print old currencies. But whatever happens, the center cannot hold. In the long run, it would be best for the Euro-countries to go their own way. The structural differences in the region’s economies are far too great to overcome. But getting to that point will be very painful. We say let a thousand nations bloom, but peaceful and orderly is the way to go. Like the Scottish.

The Scots have been quietly making moves to declare independence from the UK:

MSPs have for the first time voted in favour of Scotland becoming independent.

First Minister Alex Salmond hailed the vote, by 69 to 52, as a “milestone” in the country’s history. He also revealed that 15,000 people have backed a declaration stating it is “fundamentally better” if decisions about the country’s future are taken by the people of Scotland.

The declaration is a key part of the Yes Scotland cross-party campaign for independence, which officially got under way just six days ago. At the time of its launch Mr Salmond declared that if one million voters put their names to it “then we shall win an independent Scotland”.

The SNP leader revealed 15,000 people had already given it their backing as Holyrood debated the country’s constitutional future.

Labour, Tories and the Liberal Democrats all united round an amendment put forward by Johann Lamont, the Scottish Labour leader. It argued that it was in Scotland’s best interest to remain part of the United Kingdom and that the country was “stronger together and weaker apart”.

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