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Podcast: Human Matter w/ Jacob Lyles

February 12, 2018

Lutte_de_Jacob_avec_l'AngeI recommend Jacob Lyle’s young-but-excellent podcast, Human Matter, to all readers of this blog.

It was clear from the first episode (on existential crisis), featuring Dane Johnson, that Jacob has a knack for making his guests feel comfortable – drawing out their stories and ideas – and “exploring the anomalies at the edges of human experience.”

The second episode features Thousand Nations founder Michael Gibson on Poly-centrism, Community, and Utopia.

The third episode has some discussion of Ephemerisle (Ep. 3 – PERMA-(sub)culture with Scott Jackisch) featuring the founder of the Oakland futurists.

I was honored to be Jacob’s guest on the fourth episode (The Holy Sea), talking about seasteading and competitive governance, along with my evolution from secular agnostic/atheist, to Christian, to Catholic Christian. We could have kept talking (and did after the mics stopped rolling), but I’m hoping there will be other chances to explore these ideas in person, in podcast format.

It’s worth noting that the figure of Jacob in the Bible is the one who wrestles with God, and is given the name Israel (“He Struggles with God”) as a result. I look forward to future installments. You can subscribe in iTunes here.

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