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Assorted Links: “Vote with your ___” edition

September 25, 2019


John Stossel just published a write-up of his recent show on seasteading. Joe Quirk has fine-tuned his answers for tough questions.

2. Hong Kong Protests Challenge China With No End in Sight, Epoch Times

If you’re not following the Epoch Times coverage of the Hong Kong protests, you’re missing out. What’s at stake is Hong Kong’s de facto autonomy under the “two systems, one country” rule that has been in effect since the British handed it over to China in 1997.
Now, China is threatening to extradite certain criminals to the mainland (including dissenters), blurring the lines of the two systems.

“Hong Kong: More American than America”

The San Francisco Chronicle has two recent articles on seasteading:

3. Ephemerisle festival is Burning Man on boats in the Sacramento River Delta – San Francisco Chronicle 

Patri is interviewed on the “Wild West” podcast and Tom W. Bell–who attended this year–is quoted talking about the “we’re-just-gonna-build-it attitude that shines through here [in Silicon Valley.”

This features the transcript of the podcast, in which Patri acknowledges that it might sound creepy, but that skepticism is a good thing. I, for one, favor a distributist model for seasteading – comprising more single-family units in loose agglomerations
5. Poor Man’s Paleo –
It was at Ephemerisle about 7 years ago that I first began to experiment with a high-fat diet. I recently quoted the original N+1 long-form feature of Ephemerisle in a lengthy blog post about the results of that experiment, and why it remains difficult in a world that subsidizes carbs.
My contribution to the keto/paleo ecosystem is a 31-page shopping guide PDF of how to source affordable, nutrient dense foods in this hostile environment. It’s “Vote with your dollars” applied to food.
Elsewhere I channel Peter Thiel’s “Power Law” thinking in the direction of exercise to come up with a 12 minute/week fitness routine.
6. The Center for Innovative Governance Research is now the Charter Cities Institute:
…and an updated Reading List.
7. Lastly, The Seasteading Institute is Announcing the relaunch of the Seasteading Today Podcast!

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