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Key Pieces:

Full list of recommended reading

(including books, blog entries, and papers available on the web)

Recommended books for seasteading, as an Amazon List

By Randy Barnett

By Bryan Caplan

By David Friedman

By Patri Friedman

By Arnold Kling:

By Jacob Lyles

By Titus Gebel

By Mike Gibson

By H.L. Mencken

By Robert Nelson

By Robert Nozick

By Mancur Olson – these are the key references on why democracies stagnate

By Jonathan Rauch

By Paul Romer

Edited by Edward Stringham

By Michael Strong

By Jonathan Wilde

Bonus: For Parents

  • Weslandia by Paul Fleischman, a story about a child that founds a new civilization for his summer project.

The Center for Innovative Governance Research also has a reading list which is well worth a look.

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