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Dystopia in 2018: McNation State Nightmares

July 19, 2010

Dis Magazine looks into their hip crystal ball and for the next decade, this is what they foresee:

Branching out will become big for corporations, with many moving on to government and unapologetic colonialism. For example, McDonald’s will own an island (and later, in the following decade, become a nation-state). Perhaps it already does and its self-governance will leak to the media during this decade. Many indigenous peoples will succumb to the American cuisine chain, populating its many McNational facilities, where they will work for unfair wages, but with free nationwide health care. The most impact this will have upon culture in America will be the phenomenon of the “McDonald’s accent”. This form of English conversational dialect will swiftly find a niche in hip hop lyrics and also internet chat script.

Ranting about a McDonald’s driven decrescendo seems so…1999. Couldn’t they have picked a Google or some other relevant company? It’s also more evidence for that strange asymmetry lodged in the human psyche–a reluctance to impart nefarious intentions to government officials, while inveterately assuming it of corporate executives. No Logo, yes, but what about No Flag? Don’t governments already possess many of the vices listed in this catalogue? I’d love to know why their officials are immune to barbarous self-interest. Even Robin Hanson’s econ students share this bias. He says that despite a semester on public choice, they still tended to see politicians as less selfish and and less corrupt than businessmen.

Anyway…see you on the happy meal Seastead, where I’ll be eating my unregulated super-sized fish filet.


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