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Let a Thousand New Green Deals Bloom

February 27, 2019

I write that “[a] decentralized ecological approach would recognize that managing emissions is one part of a larger equation that includes the natural carbon cycle…”

And we can’t take ourselves out of the equation either. Humans have been managing the ecosystem for 400,000 years.

If you’re not reading Erraticus, you should. It is an online journal focused on “spontaneous culture and emotional intelligence,” rather than insipid outrage porn and mindless distractions. It scratches the itch for political discourse without distracting us from the real problem (our own shortcomings).

My piece uses Austrian capital theory to argue that the Green New Deal is the fastest way to turn the U.S. into a petro-state. Decentralized solutions are the best hope, and there are lots of them, including privatizing federal lands and letting states experiment with different “green grazing” regimes. The article could be slandered as “paleo-libertarian” in more ways than one, but I prefer to think of myself as conservative neolithic (a la Ivan Illich).

FWIW, I also have a new short primer on monetary policy and Austrian economics out, and would love feedback from this community.

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