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Assorted Links: Aquatic Edition

January 4, 2019
SINGAPORE is well-positioned to capitalise on the convergence of the growing blue economy and the emergence of seasteading, with the potential to become a prime mover in the development of floating cities. …
2. Dream job? Get paid $130,000 to live on this island in the middle of the bay – SFGate 
Not quite seasteading, but a step in the right direction:
Are you ready to escape the hectic pace of the Bay Area but reluctant to give up that cushy salary of yours? There’s no need to flee to Austin or even Sacramento. Your dream job may have just opened up in the middle of the San Pablo Bay.
“The successful candidates will be a couple, one of whom must possess a Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license,” the not-for-profit which operates the location wrote in a press release. “They will operate the five-room inn, serving both dinner and breakfast, as well as providing ferry service for guests and all other tasks from chef to maid. High quality culinary experience and capability will be a critical qualification. The inn is open four days a week, and the island is also available for day use and special events. The new keepers will start in mid-April 2019, allowing two weeks for training.”
Anyone interested in applying should confirm that valid Coast Guard license and then download the application here.
3. Close Encounters of the Marine Wildlife Kind – Charlie Deist – Medium 
I swam from Alcatraz to the Aquatic Park on New Years Day and met a sea lion along the way.

After a minute of swimming freestyle, I saw a head sticking up out of the water about 10 yards ahead.

‘Another swimmer!’ I thought at first, before realizing that this was quite a large swimmer with no distinguishably human facial features.

The waves weren’t choppy, but there was a decent swell that periodically obstructed my view ahead. My breathing was tense and uneven and I kept taking accidental mini-gulps of seawater as I flinchingly moved closer to the massive creature.

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