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Litigating Your Way to Sovereignty In Wyoming

August 13, 2010

Benjamin Barr is directing a group called Winning Sovereignty Solutions. Its aim is to win back some self-rule for Wyoming from the Feds by way of the common law:

The federal government is the largest landowner in the state of Wyoming.  And just like any other landowner, we expect the same kind of responsible care and conduct as we would from any other neighbor.  At Winning Sovereignty Solutions, we refuse to accept that the federal government is immune from its wrongdoing and negligent actions and believe that it should be held to the same standard of accountability as any resident of the state.  To do otherwise is to pervert justice – denying an equitable remedy to an entire class of injured people for the sake of novel federal experimentation.  Damaged for too long, these victims of federal malfeasance must be heard.

Sovereignty here seems to mean something along the lines of protecting the rights of individuals against In that way it’s not really all that different from the Institute of Justice, which has had some success and a few disappointments. Still, as with IOJ, anything that draws attention to unfair Federal practices ought to be applauded. Huzzah.


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