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Making It Easier For Cubans To Vote With Their Feet

October 17, 2012

Good news from Havana:

Cuba’s government will eliminate much-hated travel restrictions in January, making it easier for its citizens to leave the island, live abroad longer and return to the island, in a long-awaited move announced Tuesday.

Granma, the newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, said Havana will end expensive requirements to obtain an exit visa as well as a letter of invitation from a person in another country to allow citizens to travel abroad. The exit visa costs about $150, or about six months of a typical Cuban’s salary.

More from Reuters:

An editorial in the Communist Party newspaper Granma blamed the island’s longtime policy on the United States, which it said had long tried to sabotage Cuba in various ways, including the enticement of doctors and other professionals away from the island.

Yes, nothing like offering a better life as a form of sabotage…


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