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700 Million Would Prefer to Emigrate

November 3, 2009

Credit Gallup

So says a research report from Gallup based on surveys conducted in 135 countries over the last two years. What’s strange is the black and white thinking underpinning the survey. Gallup didn’t bother to ask whether respondents would prefer a world in which they could work, build wealth, and travel back and forth between their native homeland and where ever it is they find employment. Permanence is so final. It ignores the “sea turtle” trend where people leave their homeland (say, China) to study and start a career in the U.S., only to return back home in 10 or 15 years time with much greater human capital.

And yet it is sobering that so many would chose permanent emigration, just the same. The surveys also add some support for the cause of competitive government: 700 million is a huge, untapped, if poorly skilled labor market. These people don’t necessarily want to live in the U.S. or get into the E.U. They merely want a better life. Let us build a floating Hong Kong, or a Singapore in Senegal, and many will come to it.

[Hat tip: Richard Florida]

  1. Uncle B permalink
    December 4, 2009 8:14 pm

    A great cleansing, of genocidal effect, is happening in the U.S.A. as we speak! The Great Hulking American Neanderthal, spawn of over 200 years of force feeding, indiscriminent breeding, by the corporatists in America for the express purpose of exploiting the readily available natural resources, now finds himself in soup lines and Shanty Towns, bused one way from New York City Center to the boondocks, to live in Shanty Towns, Hoovervilles, Tent cities, and Tar Paper shacks on villages’ edges where he is exterminated by lack of decent living conditions, adequate food for his huge, well muscled, high calorie burning body, and refused, as a final blow, decent medical care by the American Medical Cartel’s “Selection Committees” armed with criteria developed to assure High ROI for corporate interests, criteria ever enlarged by greed, actuaries tables, not government regulation, but accountancies equations for ROI! This great humble beast, winner of great wars for America, builder of the nation, now stands worthless in the onslaught of Asian intelligence and mindful investment! He is the Smoke Stack Era’s legacy worker, the former proud and productive Steelworker, Miner, laborer in shipyards, all gone now to Asians and better planning, computer and hydraulic driven high-skill manufacturing – his corporatist investors bought from China with Capitalists money! rather than invest the very capital he earned for them here in his homeland! He cannot migrate, his huge appetite and limited skill-set prevent it! He must lay down in filth and disease, even without clean dressings for cancers, morphine for pain, dying in cold slums, on park benches, dumped, when the new officers, on the new docks of Auschwitz told him no, you don’t qualify, Patriot, I hereby disenfranchise you from humanity, convicted go and die quietly, no humane Hitler furnaces and merciful, quick death, we want suffering, pain, starvation, deprivation, as in the Roman times for our disgusting day shows on TV of your dilemma, to be your punishment for our greed! Not Working? Sick? – Death Penalty – Automatically in the great, privileged, self-satisfied Capitalist and Corporatist’s domain – the U.S.A.! Love it or leave it! We got the Bomb! Most powerful military the world has ever seen! Bigger Better shiny Cars, McMansions! Booze to swim in! Drugs on the streets! Daughters all great whores! By age of 14, no exceptions! All daughters, yours too! Get laid easy here! Come! Join the Party! get a job! Put money Down! Have everything you ever wanted! except dignity in death, except somewhere to go when we are done with your soul! Emigration? You sure you know what you are getting into? Beware! All that glitters is not Gold in America.

    • Mike Gibson permalink*
      December 4, 2009 9:13 pm

      Whoa! Easy tiger.


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