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Honduran Charter City on the Verge

February 3, 2011

Paul Romer writes:

The passage of the amendment is a decisive first step toward creating in Honduras the kinds of opportunities that migrants seek up north, but in a place where families can stay together, be safe, and enjoy the full protection of the law. The specifics have yet to be determined, but discussions have centered on a site large enough to accommodate a city that could eventually grow to 10 million people. As large as this sounds, it is small compared to the annual flow of migrants from the region into the United States.

Coverage in the WSJ.

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  1. Drew permalink
    February 4, 2011 6:13 pm

    Any idea exactly where the proposed location of the free zone is? El Heraldo says in Poyais on the Mosquito Coast in Olancho:

    Poyais located on the Bay of Honduras:

    Mosquito Coast:


    Could this be the spot?:

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